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Our Success =
Your Success

Seeing our graduates become the best of their generation of make-up artists over the last 25 years has made us extremely proud. But it's a team effort: we continue to be successful because our students are successful.

Film and TV Success

Here are some Delamar graduates who have found success working in make-up for film and TV productions.

Trefor Proud

Marese Langan

Louisa Abel

Amanda Warburton

Holly Edwards

Sandra Shepherd

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Beauty and Fashion Success

Here are some Delamar graduates who have found success working in make-up for beauty and fashion projects.

Namrata Soni

Sarah Jagger

Jo Frost

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Success in Other Areas

Here are some Delamar graduates who have found success working in make-up in areas outside film, TV, fashion, or beauty.

Concha Rodriguez

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Our Graduates In Current Productions

We're continually adding new stories to the Delamar blog highlighting the work our graduates are doing in make-up for film, TV, theatre, and fashion.

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What our Graduates Are Saying

"I moved from Sydney to London in search of a completely new career. Make-up just clicked with me, so I began searching for the best school in London and I found it in Delamar Academy. Originally I thought that a six month course was not long enough to give me a great foundation in make-up, but I was so wrong. As a male, I started with absolutely no experience with make-up; in my first week I could barely line an eye or lip. The weeks were intensive, and I was in awe of the tutors as most had worked on my favourite films or celebrities. As the weeks went on, my skills developed and all doubts that I could be a make-up artist disappeared, and all while making some of my closest new friends. I won't lie in saying that it was easy, as the tutors expected us to do our very best, wanting us to go out into an industry that can be very tough and demands a very high standard of skills. The course shows you your strengths and weaknesses and with such a variety of subjects helps you to see which direction is best for you.The tutors really care about the students, and even after finishing I am still in contact with many who give me guidance. I would recommend this course to anybody wanting to pursue a career in make-up, and be assured that you will find talents you never even knew you had. "
Simeon Cave
graduated from our 22 week course 2012
"Studying at Delamar was an easy choice: the small classes, the course content, the emphasis on practical learning and just the general buzz of the place made the decision for me. Also it helps that no-one has a bad word to say about it! It is amazing how much I learnt in just 22 weeks and the support from the tutors and staff meant, even with the diversity and intensity of the course, no question went unanswered. Finishing did feel a bit daunting (and I was having so much fun learning I almost didn't want to leave!) but maintaining contact with the Academy made it easier to stay in the loop and they are great at giving us new job opportunities. I made friends for life and had the honour of learning from some of the industry's finest creatives. It will always have a place in my heart - thank you Delamar! "
Emily Gordon
graduated from our 22 week course 2012
"Before doing the course I worked in the City as an employment lawyer. Although I was forging a successful career and really liked the people I worked with I knew that I did not want to stay in law forever. It took me a long time and a lot of research to decide that doing a hair and make-up course would be the right step for me. What appealed, amongst other things, was the chance to be creative, meet new people, escape a desk based work life and to be really challenged. The prospect of leaving a secure job was a little daunting but I have not looked back, really from my first meeting at Delamar. I chose to visit Delamar because of its excellent reputation and also because of the broad syllabus which covers everything from beauty to casualty to period make-up and wigs. As soon as I visited the Academy I knew it was the place for me, there was a real buzz in the air and hearing Leda's experience and advice really spurred me on to apply. I loved the course and without it I would not have been able to take my first steps into the industry, not only because I learned the basic skills which I need to hone to be successful but also because of the experience of meeting the course tutors, most of whom still work in the industry and were really inspirational. I found the tutors' advice invaluable and I will carry it with me through my career. Since finishing the course I have been doing lots of work experience, including working on student films, community theatre, and some feature films. Most of the work experience I have done has been through introductions by the Academy, again something which I would not have been able to do without doing the course first. If a career in hair and make-up is right for you, Delamar is definitely the place to do it! "
Elizabeth Keogh
graduated from our 16 week Course 2011
"Before coming to Delamar, I had been working in PR for a number of years but had known for quite some time that I wanted a career that allowed me to be creative and work with my hands. I have never had anything to do with make-up before but I knew I was passionate about learning the skills to transform somebody's look as well as creating different characters for film and television. I knew I needed a course that offered it all, so I researched a number of schools in London and made appointments to visit on open days, with Delamar amongst my top three. After my interview and look around the school, I left Delamar instantly knowing that this was where I wanted to learn my craft. Although the other schools also offered what looked like a great curriculum and facilities, it was Delamar that gave me that feeling of really being part of a family, rather than just a number to fill the class. There are so many great moments during my 14 weeks at the Academy - I loved every minute of it and have made some life-long friends. I saw the course as an investment into my future so I acted as a sponge and soaked up as much advice and direction as possible. Each of the tutors were amazing and extremely talented. We were also lucky enough to be taught by Oscar and Bafta winners, who, in addition to being absolutely lovely, also passed on helpful, ground-level advice - the type that we could put into action in the here and now that would help us develop, both within our skill-set and etiquette within the industry. My favourite modules included period make-up and wigs, and casualty. Since leaving Delamar, I set out to get as much experience as possible in a wide range of areas. I have gained work experience in the wig departments of 'Priscilla Queen of The Desert', 'Rock of Ages', 'We Will Rock You', and 'South Pacific', as well as assisting on a one-night performance of 'Nosferatu' at Soho's Box Theatre which involved lots of prosthetics and casualty. I have designed the hair and make-up for a number of short films which have been invaluable for learning on the job, as well as working with a media production company on various commercial assignments to help bring in some money in - between my work experience. I have also worked as a trainee doing dailies on 'Effie' and Sky One's 'A Touch of Cloth' . I am currently doing work experience on the second series of BBC's 'The Hour' which has been amazing - I am constantly learning and developing my skills. Delamar was the best start to my career and the last ten months since it all began have really flown past. I honestly can't recommend it highly enough! "
Laura Anderson
graduated from our 14 week course 2011
"Having looked at 4 private make-up schools, I chose Delamar Academy because of their dedicated aftercare service. I enrolled on the 14 week course, as I was changing career, and was eager to learn the skills and get out there and learn more on the job. My time on the course went so quickly . . . all the tutors are lovely and teach so much more than just make-up skills; their tips on the industry are invaluable. Since leaving Delamar, I have worked on various different projects, mainly in film and television, but I still like to keep my portfolio fresh with doing lots of test shoots as well. You have to work really hard, the work does not come to you, you create your own opportunities and they do not come by sitting about waiting for the phone to ring. I was asked by one of the hair tutors to assist in the Hair Department on 'Dancing on Ice' and worked there for 10 weeks, which was an invaluable experience. I have also worked on 2 feature films, one of which was set in the 1980s, which was great for learning about researching period looks. Other work includes fashion shows, a pantomime, a musical, 2 weeks at the BBC Wig store, and various photo shoots. It has been amazing for learning about set etiquette and what it takes to be a good assistant. I have just been taken on my first paid trainee role on a CBBC pilot show, and I also freelance at a news channel and do wedding make-ups. I am really happy that I chose Delamar. They teach you all the basic skills you need to begin your career, it is up to you how much you listen and take their advice, and I am seeing that the work experience is now leading to paid work, as I build up my skills and confidence. "
Lisa Alborough
graduated from our 14 week course 2011

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