Bespoke Make-up Courses To Suit You Length dependent on modules selected

If you are in a group of make-up artists (or non-make-up artists) and you would like to learn specific skills, we can arrange a class for you. This could be anything from Camouflage Make-up to Bald Caps to Marcel Waving.

Where the course is for a non-English-speaking group, we do ask that you bring a translator.

Prices and further information are available on request by contacting


Please contact Delamar Academy for course fee. Use of all necessary brushes, equipment and products can be included.

Examples of a tailored course could be ‘Beauty Make-up’ and ‘Fashion Make-up’ combined or ‘Basic Prosthetics’ and ‘Advanced Prosthetics’ or ‘The Advanced Complete Make-up Artist course’ plus ‘Advanced Hair’.

If you wish to study a specific skill that is not in our short courses list, then let us know, as it’s likely that we do teach it, and you can attend that day as a bespoke course.

You can also tailor your course based on what you want to learn. Our Complete courses are designed because we want you to be able to work in all areas of the make-up industry. However if your budget or time constraints don’t allow this you may choose to prioritise what you learn first. Equally if you know you only want to work in one part of the industry then we can tailor the course to allow that. For example if you know you want to work in a prosthetics workshop you can do Basic Prosthetics and Advanced Prosthetics. We won’t have taught you complimentary skills such as Beauty make-up, Camouflage make-up and Airbrushing and Bodypainting but you can still apply to workshops with the skills you have.

Courses start from £200 for a one-day course that we already teach (such as our camouflage day). If you want a one-on-one teacher, prices start from £400 per day or £500 if you woudl like us to arrange the model.

Module Pricing

If you want to add modules within our Complete Make-up Course together, our standard pricing is shown below. Modules involving events such as a photoshoots or lighting day will have a higher fee. 

  • 1 Week - £900
  • 2 Weeks - £1,680
  • 3 Weeks - £2,520
  • 4 Weeks - £3,240
  • 5 weeks - £4,050 
  • 6 weeks - £4,830
  • 7 weeks - £5,610
  • 8 weeks - £6,008
  • 9 weeks - £7,200
  • 10 weeks - £7,992
  • 11 weeks - £8,760
  • 12 weeks - £9,360

When you combine courses of more than two weeks it’s best to talk to us to see whether we can offer a discount.

Bespoke Course Information

Information we will require for bespoke courses:

  • Number of students
  • Skills to be taught
  • Previous experience and standard of the students
  • Whether you require models
  • Whether you require us to provide brushes and/ or products. These can either be leant to you or you can purchase them from us.

We can either lend you a kit or sell you one, which will vary depending on the courses you wish to do.


Course Dates

Given that these courses are 'bespoke' by design, it's not possible to specify dates for individual modules at this time. Please contact the school to discuss your requirements.

How To Apply

You'll be pleased to learn that there are only really two requirements for entry to most courses:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • If English is not your first language, you must have a good standard of spoken English (equivalent to IELTS 6).

Please call our Enrolment Advisor on 0208 579 9511 or email to discuss your course needs, or to arrange an informal interview.

No make-up experience is required.

Following a successful interview a 25% deposit and a completed enrolment form will guarantee your place on the course. The rest is due a month before the course starts. With bespoke courses (where we have arranged a course for your requirements) full course fees will be required before confirming the course.

Please contact us prior to booking your course as module dates (as opposed to complete course dates) can vary according to tutor availability. Once a module student has enrolled the module dates will be fixed.