Building Your Make-up Portfolio -- 7 Week Course Advertise your skills in the best possible way with a professional portfolio

The best way to show off all the skills you've learned is to create a professional portfolio. Our new portfolio building course (offered as a specialist add-on course for 7 weeks spread across 5 months) gives you an intensive grounding in creating a portfolio that displays your make-up and hairdressing skills in a structured but artistic way.

It also includes one-on-one sessions with a make-up artist to discuss the pictures in your portfolio, looknig at what you've done well and what should think about doing again.


A deposit of £1,750 and a completed enrolment form will secure you a place on the course. Use of all necessary brushes, equipment and products is included.


The course is only available for Delamar Students because we’ll be building on skills learnt at Delamar Academy: we will not be starting from the basics.

The course provides an intensive grounding in creating a portfolio that displays your make-up and hairdressing skills in a structured but artistic way. At the end of the module, you will:

  • Know how to research a subject and use relevant reference material to fulfil a make-up brief;
  • Understand the key differences between portfolio pictures required for work in TV, Film, Theatre, and Fashion;
  • Possess the professional skills to help you start your career in the make-up artist industry;
  • Have a portfolio of work to help you with future employment;
  • Have worked on set and gained valuable experience and confidence in a professional environment.


Before the start of the module you will have been taught how to create looks for various genres including Beauty, Fashion, Period, Casualty and Special Effects. You will also have been given a set of briefs that will give you a direction, but also allow you to design the photographs you want to display.

A tutorial at the start of the course will establish your specific requirements. Then there will be 5 separate weeks of teaching, with weeks between for research and preparation. There will be a final exhibition at the end of the course.

With the help of the tutors you will design, plan, and prepare your own portfolio pictures. You will learn new skills throughout each teaching week - genre by genre. At the end of each week you will be set a project that will result in a photograph for your portfolio. There will be a professional photographer brought in on key project days.

An exhibition at the end of the course will give you the opportunity to show your work to family and friends. We will also invite professional make-up artists to the event.


In your first week of the course you will take industry masterclasses including discussing the portflio you will create for your exhibition.


This 2-week module teaches the principles and techniques of cutting hair, from long layers to short hair cuts, scissors over comb, clippering, blowdrying, cross checking, texturising, razoring, blending, and fashion blowdrying and styling.


This week you will devlop skills in one of the areas you did not choose as your Advanced Module. For example if you did Advanced Prosthetics or Advanced Hair you will do a week of Fashion. If you chose Advanced Fashion you will do a week of Period Hair.


You will have another week of masterclasses on different parts of the industry. 


You will have a week of advanced casualty make-up.


You will continue on from Bodypainting and Airbrushing to develop your free-hand painting, shading and blending, cutting and using stencils, and you'll complete the module with an individual bodypainting project.


You will also have tutorials with a working make-up artist who will look at the photos of your project to help you choose the best ones and which ones possibly should be redone.


You will display your portfolio on exhibtion boards. You are welcome to invite family and friends and we will invite our tutors and their friends to look at your work. Whilst we will give feedback, where this module is taken ourside of our Certificate of Higher Education Course will will not formally mark the exhibition


The light and airy classrooms of Delamar Academy are located within the world-famous Ealing Studios in West London. (You can learn about these famous UK film studios on our Get in touch page or on the Ealing Studios site itself.)

In our spacious classrooms, you will normally have your own personal workstation - including professional lighting and equipment. We also have a large ground floor prosthetics workshop. Ealing Studios is home to a number of other companies that form a real media community, with visual effects, production, editing, outside broadcast, and record companies all represented. There is also a Film School, which offers a first step in studio experience for our own students when they work on graduate films.


Course Dates

The next course is likely to run from the start of January 2017. The actual dates have not yet been confirmed.

If the dates you wish to attend Delamar Academy are not yet on our website please call us for expected course dates.

How To Apply

A deposit of £1500.00 secures your place.

This module is only available to Delamar Students and alumni, so please either come and speak to us whilst at Delamar Academy or call our Enrolment Advisor on 0208 579 9511 or email to arrange a meeting or to discuss your course needs.