Advanced Prosthetics -- 6 Week Make-up Course Take your basic prosthetics skills to the next level with advanced techniques

Take your basic prosthetics skills to a new level with our advanced 6-week make-up course in advanced prosthetics.

It is a pre-requisite for this course that you must either have taken the Basic Prosthetics course with us at Delamar or be able to provide us with evidence of sufficient experience. This is for your benefit as well as for the other students on the course.

Course pre-requisite: Basic Prosthetics and Bald Caps.


A deposit of £1,500 and a completed enrolment form will secure you a place on the course. Use of all necessary brushes, equipment and products is included.


This course covers all areas of special effects prosthetics work in depth, using the latest creative and laboratory techniques, through workshops, tutor demonstrations, and individual student projects. Expert guidance is given throughout, and particular attention is paid to health and safety in the workplace.


The six weeks of the course build on your existing skills during which time you will create your own individual prosthetic project.


In your first week of the course, you will present your research, so that you are ready to refine your ideas and design your project. You'll also expand your product and equipment knowledge, as well as learn more about life casting. 


In your second week, you'll concentrate on sculpting and moulding, fine sculpting and texturing, and the use of silicone in mould making. Week three sees you applying finishing techniques to moulds and sculptures, working with fibreglass, and understanding the use of different casting materials. Your fourth and fifth weeks will see you sealing and finishing moulds and working with foam and/or silicone latex runs. You'll also re-do your bald caps and be introduced to hair punching. You’ll seal and pre-paint pieces, as well as learn how to apply different types of prosthetic pieces.


The final week of your course is when you apply your finished pieces and complete your project with make-up application, hair work (if necessary), and a suitable costume. You'll have taken photos throughout the course, but we'll hire in some lighting to get some photos to use in your portfolio. The course ends with feedback and an assessment of your work.


Delamar Academy is situated right in the heart of Ealing Studios in West London.

Our classrooms are bright and airy and you'll be working with professional lighting and equipment and in the company of professional make-up artists.


Course Dates

January 2018 - March 2018

Please contact us prior to booking your course as module dates can vary according to course availability. Once a module student has enrolled the module dates will be fixed.

If the dates you wish to attend Delamar Academy are not yet on our website please call us for expected course dates.

How To Apply

Applicants to our advanced courses should have some experience in the techniques you'll be using. Please call us to discuss your experience to date and see whether this is the most suitable course for you. Beyond experience, there are only two requirements for entry to the course:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • If English is not your first language, you must have a good standard of spoken English (equivalent to IELTS 6).

Check out the dates of the next course in the course dates section located in the left sidebar.

Then, please call our Enrolment Advisor on 0208 579 9511 or email, to discuss your course needs, or to arrange an informal interview.

No make-up experience is required.

Following a successful interview a 25% (£1,500) deposit and a completed enrolment form will guarantee your place on the course. The rest is due a month before the course starts.

Please contact us prior to booking your course as module dates (as opposed to complete course dates) can vary according to tutor availability. Once a module student has enrolled the module dates will be fixed.