looking for a make-up artist then our agency can help


One of our most frequently asked questions is ‘How long will we help you get work?’ The simple answer is we will email you as long as you keep replying. If you stay in touch with us we will know what you have done and what you are doing and we will help if we can. This starts when you are looking for work experience and continues after you have become more established in the industry and are looking for trainees and make-up artists to assist you in your team.

Our tutors and many contacts in the industry have been excellent at launching our graduates’ careers over the years.

You will often find that you are not the only Delamar graduate in the make-up team which will help continue the nurturing family atmosphere we try to create at the academy.


The Delamar Make-up Artist Agency is a free service for anyone wishing to offer our graduates paid work or work experience - including (but not limited to) Feature Films, Fashion Shoots, TV Productions, or Theatrical Productions.

Our graduates range from the recently trained through to Oscar and Bafta winners and celebrity make-up artists. For more details of our graduates, please see our Graduates page, the "What they’re doing now" blog posts, and the sample lists of credits on the right-hand side of most of the pages on the site.

If you are interested in using a Delamar graduate for your own show or production, please email the Delamar Agency at agency@delamaracademy.co.uk or call us on 0208 579 9511.

We will need to know the following job details so we can recommend the most suitable graduate on our books:


The Delamar Make-up Artist Agency is a free and unlimited service available to all graduates of Delamar Academy make-up courses.

We can never guarantee work because we don’t know what film, TV, theatre, or fashion opportunities will be available at any given time. However, the Delamar reputation, coupled with our network of alumni, tutors, and production companies means we are often able to find graduates work at all stages of their career.

We also teach students how to make the most of the opportunities available through masterclasses such as CV writing and set etiquette. It is important to us that you learn how to use your experience on one job to create an opportunity in another.

Our agency services are only available for Delamar graduates because we can't recommend a make-up artist for a job when we don't know whether your make-up skills, personality, and team-working ability will match the opportunity we are putting you forward for!