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Want to Become a Make-Up Artist? Choose Delamar Academy

Delamar Academy is the place for anyone seriously wanting to pursue a career as a make-up artist. Situated in the heart of Ealing Film Studios, and established over 25 years ago, the Academy is a world-famous leader in its field. As well as excellent prospects for graduates, Delamar prides itself on outstanding facilities, world-class tuition from experienced professionals and access to exciting work placements in the full range of media disciplines – fashion, TV, theatre, and film.

Above all, Delamar’s courses are great fun. Each course is hands-on – meaning that students learn from direct experience every time. Also, the classes are small in size to give students as much time with tutors as possible. This practical approach has helped foster a great sense of community and solidarity between students and tutors, something which attracts students from all over the globe. All this serves to make Delamar Academy a truly exciting, vibrant, and inspiring environment within which to start your career.

Our Location

The Academy sits right at the heart of London's world-renowned Ealing Film Studios, which are steeped in history and have been making film for over 100 years.. The proximity to the studios means fantastic opportunities for students and graduates alike. Students often gain work experience at these studios, which create a wide variety of genres and media, from comedies and dramas to film and television. Some recent work produced at Ealing includes “Downton Abbey”, the “St Trinians” films, “Burke and Hare”, and “Johnny English 2”. Just being close to such prestigious Film studios is useful for our students’ creative inspiration.

Being close to the centre of London also means direct access to the latest trends in fashion, art, and the theatre – another source of inspiration and influence for our students and yet another reason why our courses attract students from all around the globe.

The Academy is a short walk from Ealing Broadway, with its mainline overground trains and underground transport links. This means that the Academy is very accessible to students living both in and around London.

Your Future

The future is extremely bright for graduates of Delamar Academy. It's simply a great way to launch a career as a make-up artist. We also run an agency for make-up artists that is exclusive to Delamar graduates.

For a start, there's our world-class tuition. Not only is Delamar world-renowned for educational excellence and hands-on experience, but Delamar’s courses are also accredited by Middlesex University. This means that graduates of our year-long Certificate Course gain an internationally-respected University qualification in addition to the excellent training they've received.

In addition to being the only private make-up training school to be validated by a University, Delamar is also unique in being accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC), which provides a quality assurance scheme for independent and higher education in the UK. This accreditation is recognised all over the world as the clearest mark of educational quality in the private sector.

Then there's Delamar's vast wealth of contacts to help students find work after graduating. This is thanks to the vast network of relationships that Delamar has built over the years, including our close ties with Ealing Studios and graduates and tutors working in the industry. It's worth bearing in mind the sheer volume and variety of the success enjoyed by our past graduates: many have won International Awards as make-up artists and others have had international success in all types of media. Delamar Academy is now so recognized and respected – and has such a legacy of successful alumni – that current students and recent graduates are quickly reaping the benefits in their careers.

There is also wonderful graduate support. We always try hard to help every student find employment and provide them with full assistance. And after students leave, the relationship between our make-up students and Delamar often continues well into the future: because of the team-based experience when studying at the Academy, the Delamar community stretches over time and distance.

We will be talking to you throughout the course, but your priority will be learning as much as you can from our fabulous tutors. This is why, at the end of the course, you will be expected to have a meeting with Leda about what you want to do going forward. Whilst we always recommend that you don't specialise, you will have a natural leaning towards certain types of work and certain types of make-up artists. We can then advise you where to focus your attention and recommend you to tutors that are best placed to help you into the part of the industry that you're most excited about.

After your initial meeting we will still expect you to stay in touch so that we know your availability. We also love hearing about all of the experience you're getting and helping you towards the next stage of your career (whichever stage you're at).

There is a quarterly alumni meeting, where you can meet and chat to graduates, who can tell you what they have been doing since the course finished, share ideas and possibly contacts or work.

Your Tutors

Delamar Academy is a truly family-oriented business of world-class distinction. Not only is the Academy owned and managed by a mother and daughter team but many of the current tutors are graduates of the Academy – testament to the quality of teaching, the positive learning experience, and the close-knit and friendly environment that Delamar prides itself on. The tutors are keen on maintaining this positive, nurturing, and creative atmosphere: every single tutor cares passionately about the students, their progress, the future of every graduate, and about maintaining the standards of excellence that Delamar is famed for. Above all, the team are very proud of what their students achieve.

All our tutors have industry experience and include Oscar, Bafta, and Lifetime Achievement Award winners. Their wealth of experience means that they're excellently placed to guide students through every step of their studies and beyond. Often, the tutors have a freelancing background and have worked in film, television, theatre, traditional makeup, prosthetics …. the list goes on. But whatever make-up work is needed, they will have done it. Many tutors combine professional work with teaching at the Academy. Not only is it invaluable for students to be taught by practicing make-up artists, but it also shows the scope, flexibility, and versatility of a career as a make-up artist.

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"The enthusiasm from all the tutors was one of the first things I remember about starting out at Delamar. Being a slightly older student, I was nervous to start college again but was comforted to know there were many new students of all ages taking a chance on changing career. I did the 14 week 'Complete Make - up Artist Course' followed by a 5 week course in Advanced Prosthetics. I knew I wanted to study prosthetics but was wisely advised that having at least basic understanding of all areas of make - up is important to increase your job prospects, as often more than one skill is required. Delamar offered (and still does!) unbelievable support in getting work, something that made it stand out from other colleges. The tutors are all actively working in their industries which is inspiring and the college prepared me for work on the outside by offering work experience whilst still studying. These jobs were brilliant experiences, and helped me build up my confidence. I still stay in touch with Delamar - just to check in, ask for advice and bounce off any worries - their support still continues, in work and frienship. After leaving 2 years ago, I started working mainly on horror and gangster films, with all my skills being kicked into action. I spent 3 months in Ireland on a Hammer Horror job doing prosthetics, at the end of the first year. I have now been working on Harry Potter for the last year in the Special Effects Department, honing my skills and having an incredible time. I am absoloutely loving the adventure - my experience at Delamar has been invaluable!"
Eloise Anson

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